Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Matthew Butel effect

A MASTER BIRD FROM THE BIRD GANG COMIN IN HOT GO PEEP THERE STEEEEEEEE HERE DAILY1. What is bird to you? Mike Ruddeys stee.2. Did derrik dix ever come onto u at art school an try to feel u up?
Na nigga
3. What countrys uve LIVED in?
born in reddeer, moved to Muscat, Oman for 8 years then back to calgs when i was 12.
4. What Countrys uve BEEN to?
China, Singapore, Jordan, Portugal, Kenya, Tanzania, UAE, Oman, England, USA, Canada.
5. Are u aloud on whistler blackcomb mtns?
Banned indefinitely 4 years ago.
6. How many poppers a day?
7 pops
7. Raves or dumbstep shows? rave
8. Pencial crayons or crayons? paint
9. Pile or nort? Nort
10. Favorite colour? blue,..

BIRDgang from BIRDGANG on Vimeo.

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