Saturday, September 30, 2006

party on salvia kids

dustin chris and bouch are in the chop city vicinity. Gonna go to the foam pit in a bit got a little to loose last nigth cjhris letrono and derren and some of his buddys came over to chris bouch and taylor did salvia when they were hammerd pretty hilarous here is a dope group foto i do not rember at all. be easy fags
holly and mel were hear apperntly to and so was zoe but i rember her

Friday, September 29, 2006

paryt mix 2006

friday night madness i hope

Well it is friday currently 7am on the scale raining lightly looks a little cool out there. everyone comes tonight and if alex was walking across this dam today it woiuldnt be the bee
s that would fuck him it would be the slick conditions the rain provided i am off to work good day all

Thursday, September 28, 2006

edwards and jibs

i am jesse smith, i have not made a blog in a while and many people are tired of bryans highschool scnene posts. it was bouchs birthday yestersday i beleieve he had a ball! the birthday celebrations will continue this weekend up here at chop city as himself and keegan are coming. they expect the trip to whistler to be very short as keegan claims that he will just pick up bouchs car and throw it here or run with it on his back! chris stathis and the original chopcity crew(dustin and aaron) will also will be joining! tomorrow some of us will be taking the edward 40 hands challenge and chris says that he wants to attempt it with jager in one hand and a bottle of red bull in the other, which is the best thing dylan has ever heard. chris laterno lives in whsitler aswell now so i beleiegve he will be joining this bash.
i went mountain biking today and yesterday to improve my skills! today i was feeling fairly andrew shandro and gapped the schleyer drop to THE DIRT LANDING! NORCO SAID THEY ARE INTERESTED IN ME AND ARE WILLING TO KICK OFF TYLER GORZ TO GET ME ON THEIR TEAM!!
some gnarwhalers are coming up this weekend so many jibs will be had and a foam pit session will be arranged so that andy chung can do a quad flip if he comes.
sean dieno finally got a job so that his jetta can keep rocking and he can drive it to whistler and make fun of me.
snowboarding starts in under 2 months and chopcity just ordered our track suits so we can train for the 2010 olympics.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

boucher is 21 WAHOOOOOOO

Happy birthday to the gambling man himself i imagine hes out rolling the DIE on a street conner. We have no decided bryans posts on here fucking suck and are considedering cuting his pubes off or what little pubes he has. SPIKE is in vancouver now so paige rinky fran and maby kim smith if he hasnt already called to say he loves u itll happan soon. he is a sex sinner. Last night me and taylor whent out to meet zoe at her staff party we were quite drunk she was to drunk stood up to hug knocked over 2 chairs and fell over. A bouncer stold $5 from taylors wallet witch was hialrous. Alex is back from poco and soon to work at both subway and mile stones for a mounth. Friday or saturday night is edward 40 hands so everyone thats coming bring some fucking 40s that is all for now

Monday, September 25, 2006

friday night went to hang out with riley at his work and play nhl 07 then went to watch some bikers at skate parks throw down bike moves then back to bouches to hang on the tramp bike david lang pooped in bouches bathroom twice and was scared of a big spider saturday i played rugby at the air port then got lost in richmond i hate that place then watched ufc then found riley sean and CAM who came out to hang out we went back to seans bizzoz house and riley was really drunk and i ate 4 bags of pop corn cam hung out and laughed alot all in all we had a good night

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So spike had some young girls over last night that got droped off =bye there mom brought 6 vex and wanted to play truth or dare wore skirts i enjoyed it alot, chris and darren came over chris and alex did edward 40 hands and got hammerd chris's dance moves were fucking rad darren asked about high school spike wanted to cry i looked up skirts. Alex kept yelling KEEP AN EYE ON THOSE FUCKING JOKES it was quite humrous i didnt liosten yto my girlfirend when she said i had enough to drinkn kept trucking puked alot this morning did not attend work. Darren puked 3 times on the wway to the village it sounded dope they probaly killed it out there i missed it. spike should be in vancouver again to sell his car

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chuuch teaser one

I finished a teaser for Chuuch and would say it's pretty gnargnar. Be prepared for some major jib winter 06....

Quiktime version

Windows media version

chop city vs the internet (nexopia)

We got the ONLINE WEB CRAWLER today it was quite aquward i was alone with this british man that had to move all the gamining syetsms and dvds away from the tv area cause he needed to do sumthing with that stuff i didnt help i just read my physcadelic jimi hendrex book and drank my tea. So yeah taylor works at my work jesse and alex work togather yeah right on online.

chop city has recived the internet

We got the WEB CRAWLIN today some weird britist man came amnd intsaled it i must say it was quite aquward because he had top move all the shit infronta the tv and i didnt even help him because i was to busy reading my pshycdelic jimi hendrix book and drinking peperment tea. Last night we went biking but i left and realised that u can get 8 beer for 7.75 its caled great westren GOLD 6.5% i only drank half a can but i can see why itsso cheap and i like it. Taylor barndeneo got a job at my work and alex and jesse work togather and share a rooma nd me and taylor share so basicaly there are 2 couples in this house now. INTER NET whatch out NEXOPIA THEY WILL BE BACK!

Friday, September 15, 2006

the 88s are back in town for the weekend

jesse smith throws down some sick horns for taylor barnyard these 2 are unstoppable together get out of their way if you see either of them comming or you'll be short one head jerks

Friday, September 08, 2006


chop city has turned into a farm with their newly built barnyard

Barnyard leaves the badlands

taylor barnyard has left for chop city while jesse smith will return to poco right now me and sean are sitting around being board i have to build a fence tommorow rileys playing tennis cause hes fat, bouch keegan chris lebaron and charles are at the foggy dew and chris stathis went to chop city to keep taylor in line

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


whistler was a go this weekend and friday night was fun in the village the long horn was empty like usual and we did a loop i was very hung saturday riley and chuck wnet golfing with bob chacrtopa dyaln worked alex jesse and bouch rode bikes me and keegan were sending it on the rope swing sunday was more bike riding and sending on rope swings and mario golf lots of mario golf we went to the village again keegan also ate it hard on the rope swing doing 1.5 back flips to face landing keegan was 0 for 4 on the challange front and charles told it like it was all weekend bouch attacked riley for being cynical and sleeping in a bed he called