Monday, November 30, 2009

new facebook buddy


Sunday, November 29, 2009

NELSON B.C LOCAL lookin to nest?

Andrew Boucher // Post Production
Freeride Entertainment Ltd.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


followed by the premiere of the sandbox vid SHINE ON which will also take place on the mountain. so they are pretty much encouraging drinking and driving

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


seymour opening weekend was the buisiest i have ever seen it. huuuge lines.
parks looking good alreadym but just runin in mushroom for now

i got on the news

ON THE NEWS from Jesse Smith on Vimeo.

Friday, November 20, 2009

smokin heavy doobies

big p poldosk and dylan have been hangin deep in the green room the last couple days. locked them selves in a tossed the key


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

chucks idol

Gorz new girl IS PYSHCO!

Gorz's girl been around the block sally talking to some one she claims she dated for 2 semesters and he never knew, hilarity. Ferg were glad u droped the ball on this nut. Good pick up gorz!

10:09:40 PM camille: did you fuck a girl named cathy when you and iwere dating!
10:10:00 PM homie: hahahahdsga
10:10:01 PM hommie: wtf
10:10:05 PM hommie: no?
10:10:15 PM camille: you sure?
10:10:22 PM hommie: pretty sure?
10:10:38 PM hommie: we didnt exactly date for long
10:10:55 PM camille: FOR LIEK 2 SEMESTERS
10:11:00 PM hommie: no way man
10:11:02 PM camille: YES
10:11:04 PM homie: you blew me off real quick
10:11:08 PM camille: nooo
10:11:15 PM camille: but i still hung out with you
10:11:23 PM homie: ahah
10:11:41 PM hommie: sooo you blow me off then still hang with me and call it dating?
10:11:44 PM homie: that doesnt make much sense
10:11:50 PM camille: does too
10:12:02 PM camille: i just didnt have the "title"
10:12:10 PM camille: makes perfect sense
10:12:35 PM camille: CHEATER

board ART

comin in hot from taylor chuuchin his board, SNOWBOARDING starts full time this weekend say good bye to ur sex life the chance of geting aids and grow ur hair eat anything u can get get shifty on the stick CHUUCH BE EASY

Sunday, November 15, 2009

buckets of rain and fun

tyler, dustin and i went up seymour today hoping that it would be dumping snow and go for a hike. we got up there and it was pouring rain so we got soaked and just hit the corry p for a while. it was tonnes of fun learned some new TRICKS
took the camera out at the end and it got wet and died so only got these 3 shots

3 clips at seymour corry nov 15th from Jesse Smith on Vimeo.

(tylers 180/back 1 got junted by the rain drop and hes not to pleased)

also the POLL ended and Bryan will be the next guy in the psych ward

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Me, Tyler, Chris Letourneau and tylers bud todd headed up to baker today. me and gorz arived at stefans house in the morning to pick up him and chris, but stefan was no where to be seen because he was out with a girl being a huge pussy bitch. then tyler forgot his passport so we had to detour and go back and get it. we get out to sumas and meet up with TODD at the tim hortons and the line for tim hortons was so long and i was pissed cause he didnt want to wait. so we lounge it to the border wait for a long ass time then todds truck battery dies while we are talking to the border cop. took like an hour to find a cunt to jump us and then go buy a new battery.

we finally get up to baker and me and chris think its a good idea to hike up without buyin a pass, we go up the first chair and are stokin cause it worked, then going up next run they check passes and the guy junts me. i bs and say it was on my other layer that i left in the truck but this guys not buying it and calls security to come get me on a snowmobile and take me IN. get to the zone and this lady starts asking me all these questions, like whered i get the pass, how much, what colour, was it a guy or girl who sold it to you. i swindled and got every question right and they werent happy. i say the pass is in the car and someone comes out with me to see if you could see it through the window so i said it was in a back pack and the cunt sees that the cab slidy back window is open and asks me to open up the canopy and go inside. so im like FUCK, so i go to the canopy and start shaking it pretending its locked and he buys it. so we cruise back to the other building and they take all my info threatening me with a 100$ and if they find out i was lyuing about all the other shit then they are getting the sherrifs involved(there were 2 suvs up thre juntin people) so she keeps my board and tells me to go find my friends to open the truck. so im trying to swindle a swindle in my head on how im going to cruise this. tried calling tyler to get his jacket with the ticket but he doesnt have his phone
then it hits me! i cruise the parking lot and try to find some homies that look legit, someone who wouldnt deny me, or rat me out, or just steal my money. and i find this kid and im like "yo these guys are trying to fuck me with i fine cause i hiked up and poached the mountain. ill give you money to go buy me a pass" this kids down and hooks me up. so i get the pass go get a jacket from the car and clip the pass on. go back to the lady say i found my friends, they opened the car and i got it out.
she buys it, shes stokin, im stokin, she hands me the board, deletes all my info and im cruisin. go up the mountain find chris tyler and todd, tell them the story do a run and they check passes and now chris gets fucked. but hes an idiot gets every question wrong and gets fined 100$

chchch good day at baker.

oh the snow was amazing, sick lines, tonnes of coverage, couple babes and 1 black guy

Friday, November 13, 2009

yee yee

Mount Seymour You ask for it and you will get it. Mt Seymour to open early this season on Friday, November 20 at 9:00am. 70cm of snow on the mountain and more to come. Opening next Friday with more snow and more terrain.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 09, 2009

partysex fil style

1. Soaking 168 up, 67 down
get this on a mug to place ur penis in a girls vagina, and not move in and out.
The girl was not to have sex, but was alowed to do SOAKING, because it was not the same as sex.
Soaking 8 thumbs up
get this on a mug The event of marinating your penis inside your girl's vagina.
Sorry I missed your call, I was soaking.

more VIDS

heres a vid from KENNY LAROSE

and another golden ticket entry from JAKE FINE

J.Fine 08/09 from jake fine on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 08, 2009


be sold from Jesse Smith on Vimeo.


andrew boucher says:
went to a pretty dope house party last evening
had a DJ and a bowl of mushrooms onthe table beside the nachos


defintly been partyin.

also the POLLS are closed and it looks like the last thing up alex's butt was chris's finger. probably diggin for a couple green buds

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Update from riley, some how he ended up mintues to hours ago in ceasers palace alone on his way to some cheap food he stumped across a room service or some sorta food WAGON an stold a tray off it walked around liek a waiter in the PALACE and peaced it to the bums inthe street an feed the people
Peter Fonda... pfft says:
gave them each one at seperate times and said the exact same thing each time " hey take one i just stoll these, im canadian"
i then walked off thinking to myself i should invite these people into my room to some some pot
weve been smoking so much pot here dude
we bought pot in vegas
and its fucken rad shit too
Peter Fonda... pfft says:
then when i was walking back to pick these guys up i realized i didnt have a room key so i wouldent be able to even get into the elevator
so i went and got the key form fil at the buffewt and just headed up stairs
and now im here witht e free fucken dinnter
when those guys are paying $30
when those guys are paying $30

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

chucks buds

dylan and i went to the 32 and other bs sample sale today which was a real let down, had no good GEAR. we did get a couple a cool hats

chucks buds were runnin the joint

Monday, November 02, 2009

big gay al commin threw

no suprise with the song choice hoommmies creepin on some tickets today for sure between him d fed and jay z getin nose jobs in the 80s

halloween banger

halloween in whistler.
heres a good pic to follow up the last post

some more bangers here


Entry-! from DHULL on Vimeo.

sick edit of homie dave hull