Saturday, February 27, 2010

full blown

Beat us to the punch

this olympian is greasin our sluts with his gold medal what a fucking jew!, Except buddy is syken! that gold is fake as shit and now im home with the silver slut, time to get gold medal making so i can get the golden girls

Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a quick gash bashin

"newest snowboarding trick : inverted 360 to shoulder separation!" All day all Dave gave whistler a run for its money this year with some injurys, popcorn, quick bash n gashin, intrawest and some pot puffin beer drinkin grease lumps and all is all, greasy phinters and jordans for the next few days. here's a pot cobra edit ft all day all dave

all dave all pot cobras from keenan filmer on Vimeo.

drink smokin straight west coastin

mackenzie getting mad BGP's

mackdawg cruiisin national television with some mean back ground props straight lurkin

Thursday, February 18, 2010

fuckin idiots


Second polls closed and alex is the most likly to drown in a bath tub, i thought it would be a tight race between him and tyler but some how i dylan have came in second i defintaly am the poll champ of all time here. NEW POLLS TOMORROW on FUCK YOU FRIDAYS, it will be a who would you rather fuck friday.

Indians are more racist that tyler gorz!

in the poll we have lernt that half the voters have not heard tyler or his dad talk about asians before. But the voters decide and they decided that indians are more racist. Her is a song for chuck g to listen to

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

side pipein sean! rapin!/video/video.php?v=669612668891&ref=nf

Rank Plate Name Run 1 Run 2 Best
1 50 Alex Stathis 11.1 24.8 24.8
2 45 Ian Nelson 22.7 23.5 23.5
3 49 Brad Hamilton 13.8 21.6 21.6
4 42 Andy Grant 19.0 20.7 20.7
5 48 Cole Calmers 13.2 18.7 18.7
6 46 Nick Meyer 17.0 9.9 17.0


on course



The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another's penis.



big (not?) gay AL

Good to hear your penis still works. Port coquitlams finest young gun hot shot plowed a female of the nice looking status last night good work. Hope u push her around like snow again soon mr plow. !!!!!!

break neck / dick

fall on ur boners charles would duh 4am party time

Sunday, February 14, 2010


My wife says my dick stinks and she can't bare it?
I my wife was sexually healthy when we met and she never refused me. I didn't notice the warning signs when early in our relationship she could barely conceal gagging. Then as our relationship got worse -over ten year period- she was brazen enough to yell during a fight that my dick stinks and she cant' bare it. I don't have any sense of smell owing to a longstanding sinus problem so I don't know if this is just an excuse but we haven't had sex in years. As for a bj, that is out of the question. Not that I ever ask. I'm so tired of being rejected I don't even make any advances anymore. But could it be that my cock does actually pong?We are very unhappy together and I go for sex wherever I can get it (I think she knows - and has even said whoever can tolerate my stink dick is welcome to it). Marriage on the rocks. Even if this problem gets cleared up, she's scared of STDS because she knows I go around. I couldn't care about us any more but for future please advise. I am not cut. Thanks

danny brody enters the matrix

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