Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Buddy I'm Schwagin

Things will probably start to get finished soon as I'm now schwaggin

Saturday, December 23, 2006

alllright alllright alllright

christmas is almost here and we are all broke. 10+ grilled cheeses were made last night in celebration. chopcity will be in full force in poco, as everyone is leaving today and tomorrow. YA!

not alot of news, th ehouse is filthy, i work late, jesse leaves dishes, alex is stoney joe an ddustin drinks at work.
this hous eis ice, if you ever deciede to come, bring a space heater, or lava.
being the drunkest person at work at the christmas party is definately something to shoot for. arguing with tommy africas bouncer i s also a feat that must be achieve on a weekly basis.
people on ludes should not drive

Friday, December 15, 2006

winter wonderland

whoa jesse smith!
holla. i just got off work and i walked outside and there was snow up to my knees and ABOVE! none of the sidewalks were plowed on the way to the bus stop. at the bus stop there was a snowball fight that turned into a argument and was going to be A BRAWL then the bus came. i was so much snow that the bus could not come up nordic. so i had to go to creekside and walk up the path insnow up to my thinghs and in my shoes. i would post a picture but i broke my camera. all of the chopcity crew will be going home for christmas!! happy holidays. i have to work tomorrow so i guess i will be missing another powder day. YAAAAAAAAAY.
i think i will be getting a VIDEO CAMERA after christmas then the reports will be much copoler and there will probablybe another blog made just for snowbaording stuff aswell for videos!! yeyeee! i tihnk dylan likes australia and is at work. and zoey is trying to send me some pictures she labeled ANAL. so i hope they are good. taylor is going home again this weekend. and bouch put me at the end of his friends list on myspace.

chris is coming up this weekend.
it is also my birthday on the 17th, so we will probably hit the town on saterday night!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

growrers ime

jesse doesnt dig life and update so pretyt much i rock out living life you dig it i dig it.
i think i killed alex today, me an dahim has a fists of furay match and he has been on the ground ever since.
me chrisleturndagw and alex shredded wtoday, goodtimes wrapppe din happyfun candy, jesse cam ein at 8am QUITE CONFUSED ABOTU BRANDON KENEE

to recap
jesse works int he morning
i try to live as much life as possibly
dylan lives is austria OUT ANOTHER PRAWN ON THE BARBEQUE
alex is on the floor, with adidldo, i kid yo unot
dustin is MIA at work, he come sin at 230am and turn son the light

beer wrong kind

they have ginger beer its supposta be like root beer but ginger beer and its sick. Nothing to say ffor n ow except im sun burnt and this is harold. Oh yeah and everyone would defintaly have sex with britney spears's sister including charles

Friday, December 08, 2006

i would like some bull max

Or any beer what so ever if u can help me please mail i to me at unit 32 3049 gold coast highway surfers paradise austraila postcode 4217 thank you.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

waves of life

Chedder cheese here is White there for i guess u are all eating chemicals to make it orange witch is wicked cause i like chemicals alot. I like to creep when i walk down the beach boobies were out in force i could have a way better site then that peeping thong dude thats for sure but my eyes arnt camras. DAM I guess people dont like tan lines i love tan lines. Not to much to say but i wanna update everyday so when i do have sumthing to say god will like me the same amount. Whent to the beach like normal the waves were massive me and zoe surfed them on are bodies i looked at boobs gotta make some PIZZAS TONIGHT. I like when people order aussie pizzas cause it gets 2 raw eggs on it. ANd i also like when people order a USA cause thats peperonie and i like meat so i will eat all of ur tummys. that is all for no JESSE doesnt seem to be UPDATINg maby well pass his dutys to some one like a johova witness.

I dont no if bouch is still alive maby hes on a meth week with bryans brother cam methin around. DONT METH AROUND. Riley has developed a case of crabs that he got from borowing charles boxers and i have a sun burn. OH YEAH THERES THESE BIRDS like mini pelicons i guess but there everywher elike crows and the ar big but one had a hole in its kneck and was eating fris off the ground and they were squirting outa its kneck that was last week but i cant get that awsome immage oyta my mind it was sick.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

lil jon doesnt run this

Apperntly google bought this site to so now theres some new version looks the exackt same to me but whatever.

I started my KEENER JOB LAST NIGHT at the pizza/ other food shop down bye the beach, its pretty cool i guess i eat food witch is fun and i saw boobies, people here dont care if u see there boobies, the frist day i whent to the beach in sydney i saw upwards of 25 sets of young perky some saggy some lopsided but whatever i saw boobs and i liked it i saw more boobies then alex stathis can get threw porn pic sets online and i didnt have an acdent! But yeah i was working in my pizza AREA and a waitress comes in and just changes out in the open i tryed not to look well no i looked but whatever. The photograph is of the horse that bucked zoe off and made her get a concussion it is actyaly really funny. Horses suck but girls just love them

rileys works web site has been hacked thats peters compaine apperntly he is freaking out.

Yesterday i saw like 6 bowaconstrictors at some night market u can pay to gfet ur photo with them but i cant be tricked into paying to get squeesed to death.

Riley is into girls that look like wax jesse nos sumthing about this to. Not to much going on over hear since its cloudy hopefully next week i can guy a surf board and get my leg bit off then go to the teen choice awards.People here dont no much about canada and like raw eggs on there pizza. BLOG IT UP BLOGSTAR

pretty much the coolest sport alive



Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So i have been in this island of austraila for 1 week and 1 days i have visted some places where crime makers have been sent sutch as bondi beach alot of them there and the aquarium in sydney then we FLEW on a bumpy thunder storm air it was cool anyways yah i figured ill start bloging AGAIN and maby jesse will blog snow stuff from whistler so we will have 2 diffrent worlds of BLOGING i figure thatd be WERID WACKY AND COOL. Me and zoe have a 6 mounth lease on a HOME in queensland on the GOLD COAST in surfers paradise yeah its a gay name for a town, we live like half ablock from the wavess and stuff i pla to buy a surf board with my frist pay check for no im juts body boarding on the big waves with zoe and she thinks shes david halsel hoff even though that fuckin guy pissed him self last week on an airplane. WITCH IS SUPER RAD anyways HOLLA HOLLA they will get better as i get back into it maby even DAILY . apperntly he already has it ok nevermind wicked cool were on track again

riley is now 19 and can legaly get into bars and buy drinks even though hes been doing both since he was 17 actualy i think he bought beer when he was 16. So yeah thats cool he informed me that charles has rolled his truck in 100 mile house with him and paige both in it they are ok so thats good. anyways eyah i am off for now this is all i will return . Zoe paints on my blank shirts with fabrick[paint im so COOL with my fly gear

Saturday, December 02, 2006

comin home to a empty house at 1124 rules it hard. i feel i am missin gout on life because there is a empty bottle of wine. either alex dustin and jesse are out swindling swindles or they are trying to seduce each other which is a veyr big possibility.

bacon is in. hashbrowns are out, learn it, understand it, live it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

internet joe

DYlans rambling usually kept us UP TO DATE but now me jesse and dustin will have to do this, id say alex but he is still mastering pop up books.

bouch is still chaaaang'in the movie scene but the weather has kept his peepin to a minimum
today alex got his lips frozen to his bindings....twice, resulting in massive bloodloss

chairlift carl told us a joek, what do you call a snowboarder without a girlfriend?

im wired on about 8 cups of french vanilla coffee and got promoted to cube van driver which entitles me to drive in the village an dhonk my horn at silly asians who wander infront of THE VAN/
jesse became one with emo and slit his wrists. its a medical miracle that hes still alive
dustin is the cool cat living life in showcase, which has alot of very good looking girls whom he likes to CHAT UP

on tuesday it was artic warning with -40 wind chill and frostbite is a very REAL reality. PROTECT YOUR SKIN FOLKS