Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chains hangin low

alot of snow baring road up here in chop city im gonna pass the chop city blogin ranks onto jesse soon i akm off to austrilla in a few days i cnat even spell it but im goin soo HOLLA AT ME im ur boys folks ill be like updatin fromthere and jeesseeeee will be updating fromhere. today we shreded it was up town knee deep POW super fun but YEAHHH yeah

Monday, November 13, 2006

the mother fuckin man

holla holla the mtn opens up on saturday i got a call from a councler today ill record the msg tomrorw its sweet and the phone call was only sweeter. HO

Friday, November 10, 2006

Smokin' real dope n'

as for the snowskate...well chris nailed a sick ass front boardslide on this pipe we found, then proceeded to pursue the taste of cafeiene with me and we hit starbucks....it was a pretty fun day due to the snow conditions...thanks weather man. All of us chilled and watched every car as they failed to get up the hill., hahahaha prety funny actually, I was new to the sport...i got hit with a snowball twice, one hit my eye, so a pussed from my eye this yellow liquid for 6 hours straight.....Chris got a double thai chea latte grande mocha frappachinno double capped latte mochiaddo style beverage which is hot.......and i got a reg. coffee, no big deal. I DUNNO WHY CHRIS LIKES IT SO COMPLICATED. i got confused. then we got some booze and got real fucked up!!!! yaaaa tonight corey,scott, ac, dustin, and curt are coming up....should be good times in a few hours....cant wait......by the way I have a broken foot, but I am still tryig to giver..........EVERYONE GIVER WHENEVER THEY CAN....LATER ;)
Well uhmmm probably smoked about a quarter last night, drinking soem beers, alex stathis lost his virginity to a 340 pund whale it was pretty sweet, taylor found out that he was actualyl adopted and his family has completly abanded him and left him for the cold rivers, breaden roney took a chop then proceded to puke becuase it was his 20th, that was pretty impressive. and for myself i have just been choppinh dropping sloppin u no just doing meth and ruining my life becuase i wanna be a bum and not work. then i proceded to tell my mother that all bums should be living on the street becuase thewy are crack heads then my mom proceeded to get very emotional on this situation and try to defend them, but then i got angry and turned the steering wheel in to oncomiing traffic to end her life. take that BITCH(jk i love u) THEN IM COOL ROCK IT ONE TWO THRee four

jib jab

breaden and chris stathis are here they came last nihght
it dumped snow today and last noight shreded a snowball on the HILL it was super rad dope ill chronic SMOKIN, jessie rolle done of the biggest joints ive ever parten in we did a steem drink in the bathroom blasting hot water last night tomnigjht dustin mobves up should be a cool night everyones dirnking diffrent stuff im rockin ceasers tonigth eveyrones drinkin diffrent stuff pretty good show should be a cool night all is happy up here word to u hommies TWEEK GRABS AND SHIFT SHIFTYS

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

here coes the snow and there i go

gonna snow 100cm + on the mtn in the next 3 days ill i am all booked to leave on the 2
5th so hopefully it opens before the 23rd or else im gonna be hiking for some turns to get some early ones before the 23 in but awsome everyone get stoked, dustinm oves up on saturday holla holla work time peace smokin pot at work produces 250 times more fun exspecialy whenn the lead hand catches u or almost does PEACE

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

its all good better then booker t mike tyson and eminem

Last nigth was the night that they callhalloween got quite drink on ceasers and stuff i passed out and dint make it out like normal i just suck at going out. Everyone ellse whent to a house party and banged it out alex got sla[ped in the face then missed a guy with a punch, jesse made the bathroom a fucking mess he better clean it chris was black everyone had shitty costumes cause we dnt plan anything. I LIKE THE INTERNET smoke soem reefer or sumthin. Word up kids