Wednesday, August 30, 2006

working on labourday in chop city

checking the scene for chopcity friday me and bouch head up there so does riley and charles the jaytona will be in the area hopefully we don't get fined and this dude can't fake the punt he need to put down that cpt morgans and pick up some alberta vodca thats the only way ur going to stop wd40

Sunday, August 27, 2006

wayward chaampion

captin straight edge loses his edge charles gae into temptaion last night and quenched his thirst with some sleemans charles then went on to say that he would restart his sobriety next month we ran out of hamburger buns last night and were forced to use pitas fil came out and racecars on the tv sean was a designated driver last night and i bought a tool box today

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Evan holmgirn might not be afraid of dressing up like a woman but he defnatly had fear for bike cops and will run as soon as he spots one sorta like a wild animal riley needs a new hobbie charles is going fucking straight edge for the next month bouch and fil smoke and eat sean is playing soccer now taylor gets jelouse cause me and riley sleep at his bizzos house and i need wrenches

Thursday, August 24, 2006


lasy saturday we kicked it riley bouch evan went to flutauge or what ever where they tryed to make a hot dogstand fly then tryed to fly them selves i had to help my dad with wood choping then they came home and it was PARTY TIME we walked across poco with charles and sean dino joining the crew and met up with boucher again and chilled at the hazel bowl befor we hit a party that taylor informed us about we hit the party hard and it was a good time until there was a fight needless to say there was blood and police so we left and hung out with one of the combatants sean byrd then this dude right here with the gun to his head paid riley to swim in a frog pond at hazel bowl we later paid tribute to rob staines with heavey metal thunder and walked home on the way we saw a sasquatch wchase 3 guys down the street and got eggs thrown at us riley was the only one who got hit we got home around 5 or 6 and slept till the sun came up and stayed up

Monday, August 21, 2006

(L) triangle?

Louise10DAYS till Xto get to you id walk a thousand miles says:
but evan said she was controllin and tryed to make him feel bad for hanging nout nwith bouche.

i can now type some what speedy again and almost as unaccurate as before. alexstathis has many problem but not as many as bouch and evan.

negitive $4 till friday

i dylan harley sheidow have recontly came to find out u can have negtive money and i like that.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

party town epic

last night we hit a long walk to a south side party where people fought and then cops came riley earned 40 dollars by swimming in a pond then got egged on the side of the road bouch went home and slept evan tripped over the road meridain and charles is a gangstar i start work tommorow and sean dienos girlfriend is back from kelowna

Saturday, August 19, 2006


missed it and wished you were there?
our good friends at gnarwhale (mostly brian park) have put together this epic, groundbreaking video that should be enjoyed by the whole world

download it

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

alex will slash you

alex is home and i hope he doesn't slash all are tires he went biking today and tubing down the river i got called for another job today taylors running out of milk riley and kuba love grilled cheese
bouch sells cars and sean follows alex around hoping to get a peice of the action

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

fil the one and only

i got a job with this guy ^
im here with chuck G and paige
it is fils birthday and he is going to red robins for some chinken and frys
riley is working hard selling suspension to americans some dishwasher doesn't like are signs so he needs to be shown the brain haven't heard from chop city in a while so they must be dead brian park is in town and brent shott might come out for fils bowloramma

Monday, August 14, 2006

this is chris delany father of will delany and the postive alterative to 2003 he did not take office of the preimer however and went back to fouces his time on his sons at one point in his life he fought haudirites for a living he would grab then by the tail and beat them down vote delany in the next election

chuck and carlwilco got ticketed for alcohol the wta slept on a roof and rode on air filled things down the canal taylor ran arounf a feild with a net on a stick sean dieno destroys tall girls and i play rugby

Sunday, August 13, 2006

this is a haudirite they will kill you tghey are like mantarays but fly around they live in manatoba and need houses they will eat you head if ur wearing steak on it

fuck says jesse

hello we are anging out late sean dieno went home cause he didn't want to have sex i slept on a couch and went home past a skunk peach fest is in full affect and we live in a hard world
i had rugbt then swam in the ocean then went to a pool, party withh bbq in full affect then went to a sweet shin dig it was pretty gnar nar so that was chill billing my l;egs are tanned wow wahta a life its hard and bared bur u live life and it just goes on every day

Friday, August 11, 2006

happy birthday robby the rocket

happy 22nd robby the best of the WTA R.I.P SCRIBZ

peachfest 2.0

well the peachfest roster this year consits of
the brothers gallahagr
and kubar

<---last years group

hopefully they meet up with carl wilco and brain park some local talent and party down this will be will delanys first trip back to bc since the winter lets hope hes got some seriouse destruction in his wake bouch riley and kubar left yesterday the others today me taylor and sean are keeping it real down here with sports pot and cam chop city the weekend off so alex can patch up all the tires he slashed last weekend in a drunken rage keep it real and don't forget to flush

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Transition Bikes Signs Evan Holmgren To Factory Team

"Rider owned bike company, Transition Bikes announces Evan Holmgren as the newest member to their sponsored factory team. Evan will be riding a Trail-or-Park hardtail and BottleRocket for 2007. Evan has a long history of being involved with the progression of freeriding in the North Shore area, especially dirt jumping and park riding. "

txt msging megee

(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
yee. Did you hear about alex on sunday night
sean' says:
no lets hear it
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
this will be long
sean' says:
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
ok so he got real drunk and pissed off chris, so chris beat him up and then alex was crying and saying that chris wasnt his brother anymnre and locked ...
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
Himself in his room. Then he climbs out of the bedroom window and runs around whisky jack for a while. Then he decides he is coming to the village with us
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
You know beside the stairs by the garbage building there is like a 15FOOt drop off all those rocks?
sean' says:
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
when we were walking to the bus he fell off the top of that and like destroyed himself, but he still was comimg to the vil...
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
we gdt to the bus stop and he says he isnt coming and passes out. Dylan leaves the vil early and alex is still at thd bus stop passed out
sean' says:
bahahaha thats awsome what did he drink?
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
There is more
sean' says:
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
So dylan wakEs him up and as they are walking home alex trips nn a barrier and smashes his face. He starts rolling on the street crying and 3 cars stop and
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
call 911. so dylan is explaining tn the cars what happend and alex just takes off running home...
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
i took pictures earlier of chris beating up alex and him crying so alex was mad and stole my memory card. Amd then slashed everyones bike tires
sean' says:
like really slashed them?
(M)jessesmith! WOO HURT FOR THE 3RD SUMMER IN A ROW! leanna(^) says:
Yea with a knife. And he cant remember what he did with my card.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

jesse smith fell while skateboarding and hurt his wrist it is in a cast and he will be out for 6 weeks maybe someone should have bought him wrist protectors for his birthday instead of that hooker aka wendy stathis

Monday, August 07, 2006

red devil

the red devil will get all you sinners repent or be destroyed

Saturday, August 05, 2006


outa the archives WTAs first offical sticky off nsmb this is fil zuvela the date machine he will take you fat daughters and eat out their bums watch otu he will be on the loose at the fireworks me riley sean chris went to some house party brosiv was thrown down alot hitting up my house tonight and strait chilling


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


what an event that was
monster was consumed in large quanities
alexs bike broke like a back breaker
evan slept in and missed his run down the boneyard chop city was full to capacity and the beer box was inventied many of signs were displayed at crank worx and some attended the ckd perimeir like bouch kubar riley matt and paco inculding myself who got a free ticket from the winner of crank worx cam zinc after danny broodie was denied cause og his drunkeness the brains were also out and about ever where from crank worx to chop city brains could be seen after crankworx we attended a grade 8 party where we all had great fun with the gnarwhalers
riley mcmasters even picked up a chick whoes bf had beef with him then lost the chick to alex pro dave emmens was released on the party then went back to chop city and put out some seriouse fires with the extingusher the jon cowan jump jam ruined my weekend though and timo prizle won't show me where hell track is but that night made up for it where we wintnessed an attempted wheelchair rundown and some guy who took his shirt off and wanted to fight everyone and later on the bus cam mcaul runner up to crank worx and the jon cowan jump jam was stoked about CHOPCITY he would have came but his gf he was with wanted to go do it in a bed tuesday was followed by riding skate park where bouch and kubar shreded the bowl with extream lack of LAMEness and i did a footplant wall ride thingy later me and dylan cashed bottles and bought 52oz of rum with the money from the bottles we all hit the rope swing and riley pooped in the water beware of the poopy in alpha lake alex riley and i hit the village that night and saw the girl from the house party her name is ali she loves to ski and she works at earls we slept in a raft alex puked i went home cause im scared of the cold and riley and alex slept like royal bums in lobbies and elevators