Sunday, July 30, 2006

schleyer is a god

wta has broken through into the mainstream media and onto the pages of (
danger was definetly present this weekend and business was BOOMing some one will post later with more CRANKWORX updates

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Crank worx has been going on all week but doesn't heat up until tommorow when the slop style qualifying starts Alex stathis and dylan corba are both up to qualify so lets hope they both make it evan is also up for it so we will see how they do aprantly zoe got property of dylan harley sheidow tattoed just below her belly button charles went to the philpiens to survay things and run around in baseball cleats which he calls hiking boots

Tuesday, July 25, 2006



-after all the jokes about swimmers itch, i have aquired it and it is not funny. i am not going swimming again in whistlers waters.
-alexs birthday was a bash
-chris got chop city back up to par with the chops and 5 or 6 chambers of chop.
-dylan and zoe party on frequently
-skaters do not appreciate shocks because our plastic bar ends chip thier cement.
-me and kyle wilcox rode dirt merchant together on matching bikes<3
- i am itchy
-slopesyle is on its way and a custom t-shirt for alex is being created.
dylan korba has paid for all of his rent for this month but has not slept one day in chop city and there is only like 6 days left in the month.
-itch itch itch


Monday, July 24, 2006

bbqs and birthdays

alexs birthday was this last weekend and his big brother chris got him a 6 chamber bong which means chop city is once again named for bong chops and not the kind rick flair hands out on a weekly basis. dylan stays home cause hes in love. bouch is once again ridin dirty with the new mongoose rim brian park built for him riley came home from his camping trip cause team mopar ened up driving off a cliff and dave stuart valid dictoryan of fox 05 was in attendance at my bbq this weekend evans gf moved in with him and she says he should stay at home with him i got sunburnt at rugby and cam drank tropakiwi cause he needs to get loose once a year

Friday, July 21, 2006

its hot outside so people sweat

its very hot ouside tonight we are bbqin it up at my place cam will be drunk alex stathis birthday is today HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX sean is headin up to chop city with the rest of the stathis family dylan and jesse will have lots of fun with this me bouch and taylor will watch cam and riley went camping with some of the local MOPAR offroad racing team i have summer 7s tommorow and bouch wants to film some intro stuff to get gnarly

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wd 40 trading card

# 40
Name Will Delany
Position LB
Height 5'10"
Weight 215 lbs
Year 1
Faculty Humanities
Hometown Port Coquitlam
Province BC
Last Team Terry Fox HS

Will is a promising linebacker prospect from British Columbia. He was a member of the British Columbia Provincial team and was a league all-star in his senior season. In addition to playing football, Will was an excellent lacrosse, track and field, and soccer player. Will is an avid outdoors person who enjoys fishing and hunting in his spare time. His mother, Rosalyn, was a former member of British Columbia Provincial and the Canadian National women’s field hockey teams. Will played United States football rules while in British Columbia and was recruited by both SFU and UBC. Will hopes to pursue a career as a teacher after graduating from University. A hard-working player, the coaches hope Will can challenge for playing time in 2005. He was an honours student in High School.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Chop city version 2.0 visit number 2

100 mile was strage but no swimmers itch here chop city was choppin once again with a huge guest list inculding karl willco and his buddy jessy we partied friday night with a party time intensity riley got us invited to some spics house cause she is worthless in jesse smiths words dylan got in some late night practice taking on the chopcity stair set to couch runn out

saturday started out slow everyone was off doing their own thing till stair aprentice but we all met up at the whistler 3 set it was very crowded and the shock towers were out in full affect there was so much travel there joshbender would have been gone into shock over the shocks we cleared some of them out and continued the warm up. SEAN DINO was the offical safty guard cleaning the shock rigs and making sure the riders were safe not much actual jibbing was performed on the stairs because the garbage cans needed to be bear tested riley slater evan dave emmins and others tested the anti bear garbage can ian even icepicked nosebunked that mother. carlwilco dylan jesse and jessy arvied on the scene and jessy had broken both his wrists risking it on that aline trail then some whislter employees told us to leave i think they didn't want everyone to see that their garbage cans are not infact bear proof we went to the trials park and saw those air aprentice dudes so i challanged all of them to a game of football. We jibbed the trials park pulling some sick airs from the burms then went to the dirt jumps where brian park challanged a 40 of bullmax in one gulp but lost then we split up into a swimming group and a biking group and later met up at merlins for burg platers brian park passed out outside after dinner so we jibbed him we went back to cop city and the whalers went back to vancity for a dave emmins pirate party. Later that night we went out to the village and killed it we backed up some french duded and jesse got his lady stolen by some guy from the most valube primate movies rgrizzle kegan jesse and alex slept on a beach.
the next day everyone went home except rgrizzle and I so dylan and us bought chicken cheese bread and milk and feasted befor we hit the village me and dylan went to the crystal club to watch white snoop play music and ROAM rgrizzle and jesse danced at the long horn till it closed me and rgrizzle left the next day and that was that (evan did not pull a backflip all weekend i was dissapointed cause i love evans backflips)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Schnapp Attack

Google video finally verified Operation Schnapps so here it is in all its glory. The footage is anywhere from 3-6 years old, but is mega gnarly regardless.


STAIRprentice this Saturday and Chuuch should be done Novemberish. Be prepared.

we be illin on a sunday night

me and riley were board so we went illing and dave validitorian of fox 05 showed up to shot gun all his beers we got sean dieno to roll out sober police and we killed it on a sunday night me and riley leave for 100mile tommorow then from theRe head to whistler in a huge loop for stair aprentice NSMB EAT YOU HEART OUT sean dieno had a good night kiss tonight and i am very proud of him

Saturday, July 08, 2006

BRIAN PARK LOOK A LIKE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????doubleganger

we are chilling at baseone chuckgs and rgrizzles we watched blues brothers and gossiped about chop city aprantly they have a watermellon grown in a potato farm thats hase distilled into a watervodcamellon I HAVE ROAD RASH riley needs a hair cut charles is putting his seats back into his car bouch is uploading illigal schnappes to internet i will sew will delany is being religiose in some place where they don't need LIFE sean dieno is being a bigred word out wordup and word gone


charles raced his car tonight at mission it went fast mid 13 was fastest time and went 4 and 0 on the raceers line we love charles cause he tells people hes chuck we went back for the after party to handle our selves nicely hotubin is fun for us chopcity needs to stress out and have a pj party bouch is radin with camera pics of supr (gnarnar) i go to chuckanutbay then to 100mile house to hang out on lake tommorow night another after party cause were DOPE please come if u want to but don't bring friends cause they suck riley needs to make more money to pimp tercel bullmax team colours
good night goodbye

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

i wish i had photos i could aDD


chop city 2.0

in the INTERNET CAFE walkin this way DJ is what the song is wow WE RIDE BIKES WAY TO MUYCH . I DONT EVEN LIKE IT. i am kinda loose on the KOONTAY ale i got a job at the OLD SPAGETIEEEEEE FACTPORY i start at 9 tomroorw dope! alex and jesse just smoked alot of pot and long boarded to the village i was gonna scooter bvut it hurt my feet alot however i did thorw the horns at passing cars HOLLA KIDA

happy birthday america

chopcity 2.0 getting mad instead of rad

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

can you spot sean dineos hero?

the trek down from Chop city to creek side

look at these bafoons. Which one of these bafoons is the profesional moutian bike?

heres a hint he loves to fold tables on the hip

think you got what it takes to be a spotter?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Day 2 Dylan loves you

This is bryan lee with news about saturday. we all got up as soon as jesses parents left with jesses grandparents who love soccer we watched some soccer and some guy name raldino who seemed really happy even when he was crying then went to the beer depot where we purchased some 15packs of rai then did a wislter trail hike where dylan got ill, sean threw his beer like daivd wells and i found a skate board. we took a dip in alta lake and alex lost my skate board
then we were back on the road to whistler taylor saved a child on a run away bike and we found a cardboard beer bong and bonged like we were drinking canadain we got to whistler and some some freaky kid and saw the winner of a red bull bike jummping show then spit up and ate food and swam again with out swimmers itch hooked up with andy chung and the whalers who said we could hang out with norco rider ian moult went back to the chop city hq and got some more beer and some ice for slater ian moult hung out went back to the village where dylan took his shirt off and ran around ladies dave emmins and bouch went to a club riley taylor chunnglee and I greeted dave watson and wade siommons with high fives and questions about who would win the tour de france this year, sean and alex camped the box and ian had to go to bed so he could unwinde himself from all the spinning he does the next day was alot of swimming and biking and cleaning up after dave emmins who SEXED a fat chick in chop city's washroom giving a new meaning to GNARWHALE

charles and riley got home from the island
bouch is comming home today
me and taylor got off work early cause noone buys wood on long weekends
kyle wilcox does not own a swimm suit he claims
chop city can't aford internet for more then 127 seconds but dylan loves you all

Sunday, July 02, 2006


fuck u #24 cents a mintue INTERNETING go die CHINK.



This is bryan lee making his first offical post but hasn't learned how to insert pictures
chop city was choppin me and taylor get there late but were ready to chop then the adults of the group went to the villgae only to come back and find someone had locked the door dylan broke in like a burgaler then alex was the target of our rage having some bevrage sprayed all over him
we carryed on throught the night so dylan could hit his 24 hours of drunkennesss and watch EPIC MOVIES like collective and BOXHEAD 2.0 was invented from the EPICNESS that was radiating off the tv needless to say sean dino got a WHOPPEN with the cross face chicken wing and masterlock we all realized jesse smith would be there soon ause of how keen he is so we had to hide in dylans room or else face the barrle of mr. smiths firearm


P.S wenndy stathis thinks dylan smokes pot and will tell your mom about it