Friday, February 10, 2012

hey I'm fil i can't stop a donk from hitting the block, i got a life but it aint a lot and my head gets full when i smoke all the pot. i got a pin cuz i can't win when i drink the gin. so i grabbed a glass =, i went straight to the gay jokes. we were all happy. let it all go i told myself then i started to float above everyone =. and i let them know it. how high i was. above them all. i was not kind.
i thought about that and took it all in. holy shit what a fucking loser i am. pathetic. thats me. send me to the shrink I'm about to think. for the first time ever you dared me to never but now we all know never say no to the one you could never trust and what you must do is realize everyone is kind so feel free to complement me or be on the other side

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