Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the delcine thing

theres alex's bike in decline we are getuing drunk tonight on varrious iteams here at chop city and keeping them ina re "TRAP KEEPERS" and going to a party in emerald here is alex's 5th proudest mtb momment! WOOOO party on fuckers chop city still livin

Saturday, October 28, 2006

good after noon

My sister saw george colman today thats fucking rad. Last night it was a dude from works party and we all met them at merlens and a half handi cap dude from work alomst faught the bouncers it was fucking rad, i calle dwork and claimed i had a doctors appointment because i didnt no mixing growers and beer was a badidea. Jesse and alex stold some pumpkins fucked some bitches and came on there faces chris works at iga again. Some random dude was on the couch when i woke up and yreah some sorta milestones party tonight illmatic. jesse carved a sweet wta pumpkin.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

LOL LOL seriously LOL

October 26 2006 was a day a day indeed. A long one i worked jesse played yoshi alex came home we got stoned on the CHONGS as they call them some where alex broke the bongs glass bowl and today we yell 420 like 900 times smoking is soooo RAD and cool and it gets u chicks that like herbs HERBS HARDCOREEEEEEEE chop city

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bass vs woof

bass vs woof what is ur favorite mine is probaly SUB WOOF over sub bass. It is wendsay in canadiana. Bouch and alex may go film asian ladyboys down town today. I go to the passport office in surrey and on the wya i plan to tell people not to meth around. taylor bernard quit his job and has taken on full time dutys of cleaning the chop city bathroom and spitin chewin tabbaco i think it was a smart career choice. For halloween i think were going to be a soccer team with some mustashes and condoms fon knecklaces. The photo i posted is of alex and zoe im not even to sure when this was but i think it looks funny. If u dont eat meat do u have sex still? or swallow semen because theres gotta be some meat content in it, i mean those freaks wont touch shit that is cooked in lard then again who really wants to think about there shit being cooked in lard. I ate some fish and chips and that shit musta been cooked with lard some where along the way, id much rather just eat hard boiled eggs and begals and listen to rap music in extreamly tight white jeans. here is today my space link since i love to my space so much UFFIE and shes ready to fuck http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=29248528

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

useless post 130! land mark day

Me and alex are both in poco while jesse and taylor hold down the fort at chop city. It is finaly snowing on the mtn http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/weather/cams/whistler/index.htm that is a very welcome site seeing as there is nothing to do in whistler right now. AWSOME alex and bouch did some bike filming yesterday i whent over to lafarage for an hour and did my normal skids and foot plants for bouch, my whole video part is pretty much from june and the frist 2 weeks of july because im a real determined guy that got side traced and his bikes about to explode. Alex got pretty gnarly out there t groz showed before i left for dinner. My girlfriend fell off a horse yesterday in australlia hiting her head resulting in stiches she is very acccdent prone.

Used bouches cool 270 photo on the 130th post in this super internet blog so i will give him the myspace link of the DAY http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=54571728&MyToken=6f826c96-b99c-4709-b6c8-a782093bba31 i was gonna choose black tom but i changed my mind. Anywas that is all for now its 823 am good day lovers

Sunday, October 22, 2006

tom petty dont got shit

Havent posted in a while cause people cry and whine that i changed the password i changed all my passwords due to wanyes world hackers. ANyways friday night in POCO jesse was still there riley mouthed some old men off then the guy called his old men friends and bear mased them jesse currled up in a ball and got kicked bye 7 45 year old men resulting in a broken nose he just thinks its funny and wicked that 7 guys couldnt do more damage and hes made of metal. Good work to jesse for not geting anymore hurt ealier that night at a party he got punched in the face bye a girl and also found that funny witch i do to. Apperntly theres some funny photos bryan has from there. Alex and taylor whent to some highschoolers hotel last night apperntly it blew. firday me darren chris taylor and the most german dude ever whent to the reopening of merlens and it was fucking wicked yeah.

In breaking day old news alex bought the sweetest glass bong ever it is rad ill get a pic soon. ALL THE BOYS CALL HER STACY. There is a video premire tonight that should be rad at 9 i hope so. i come to poco tomrorw for 2 days bye bye. Paige remined me that i hadnt updated in a while so here wer go angry mobbs holla at karl kani

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Today is d day for court date KUBA

Today kuba goes to court in north van for a little inccodent that happend when he stayed at chop city And kicked over sprinklers allover the village to watch water shoot up into the sky. He then ran from the POLICE cause like nwa sayes fuck the police. he then proceeded to do a stair gap and get a gun to theback of his head. GOOD LUCK.

Yesterday me and alex cleaned chop city where its never been cleaned before and 12full garbage bages later martha stewart would be stoked. I havent herd from mny girlfirend i imagine shes in a coma from her flight hopefully i talk to her soon cause i really wanna ask how the future is.

T0morrow my suspension from work is lifted that should be a hilarous day of work and questning from my coworkers. ME and taylor are going on a romatic hike today to kybers. Chris stathis is droping outa school and moving here to persue his dream of being an a avalanche dog. anyways that is all FREE KUBA heres the second TEASER BITCH NIGGERS im pretty sure brian park and bouch made it maby andy to im just way to out of the loop and have pretty much done nothing this year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ugf0k4PprP0

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

wordlife and candy snacks

Apperntly i just got grilled with my last loveing post but whatever. Its very cold here sunny so basicaly theres nothing to do me and alex put on 5 to 10 sweaters and go and ride a skate board in the parking lot, some times i get real gat and go for a run. I can no longer sleep in long for some strange reason it fucking sucks. Taylor got drunk at a work function last night that i didnt attend because i am a cool out cast that is suspended from work. jesse is still hamming it up in poco bouch and brian park made a new chuuch teaser or sumthing . I dont blame jesse for still being in poco i wish i had free food from my mom right now i am eating cerel with water not because im poor but because i dont like the cold and caring milk up a hill. Chris lertrno lives actually IN whistler not now pemby so thats cool im gonna call him today and get zoes ipod even though shes not here. umm what else im nto sure why we dont just man up and turn the fucking hydro on but i ddont see it happening anytime soon. You pretty much need gloves in here. Appetrntly chris stahtis is gonna drop outa school and move here thatd be sweet. thats all OVER AND OUT BITCH NIGGERS bye bye love all i eat candy and write words that no one cares to read over 50% are spelt wrong no grammer and my penis is cut off . Its currently 1030 am and -3and sunny no rain in sight well itd be snow but none in site this is gonna be a gay day. Me and alex plan to have a cleeing party WOOOOOOOOOO

Monday, October 16, 2006

bye bye bye bye bye (L)

Has left the building i look like i left the planet on this photo. i love u. On a more non depressing note saturday me and alex whent to some party with zoe where there were naked girls and we got a little to loose on the sawmill wine i droped my jacket toque and shoes into the hot tub, threatend a girls life her boyfriend didnt defend her so i proceeded to threaten his life also, people were actualy scared of me and alex that was a one and one only time event. It was funny non the less. there are people out side walking around with generators in the day light im confussed but not enough to care. Anyways i just am very bord because

i normaly just hang out with my girlfriend all day but thats not gonna happen for a while. I think maby before CHRISTMAS it will maby even DECEMBER 1rst but im not sure have to do alot of stuff before then.

I plan to get a second job at subway since i have nothing to do and its to cold to ride bike. MAby ill just go work out all day and get buff. anyways thats it i love you zoe bye bye bye to all

Thursday, October 12, 2006


chris brought over meat we ate now were geting crunk to pop music


Good work to taylor on passing out on the busing hiting his face on his knees and apperntly falling in the bever ditch and showing up at home soaking wet. Good run out there last night i was impressed i also danced with the nastyest girl alive

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


its jesses moms birthday and we wish her a happy opne. We dont have any photos of her so were gonna use one of kim smith. ME and alex tryed to film today but i ate shit trying a stall that was way out of my limits its actualy pretty funny, and alex hurt his heel again howver he did boost some snake run gaps HOLLA OUT, me and baryard are going to INDUSTRY NIGHT OH YA

She had him in the back seat of his car

WEll it was the front seat and i was talking to him ! last night me and jesse filmed a dinasour in the woods then we made a music video for eye of the tigre with alex it is pretty dope. maby Go home ever day bernard will bring back a fire wire. Please bring back a fire wire thats more important then shroomies. But on another note riley saw a girl form of taylor today in poco that was a bum i found that weird. PARTY ON

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday means life on party at club 90001

It is a life. Jesse was recontly in the harvest huck fest i didnt make it there to watch because i was being a hung over pussy at my girlfriends house not wanting to move. I did show up however right once the event had ended. Cause im that ill i did however get a poutine. That evening tyson came for a visit brought pumpkin pie and kd and wasnt even staying here. Now you kids keep inmind next time u come we like pie. Scott brought us an ounce monday so now were gonna get rad on that for how long it last i figure 5 days.

Taylor now steels stuff from work. And i like it. Alex is just kinda hamming it up imnto to sure what he does i have seen him siting around the house tech decking the last few days making statues with zoe and crying because his life is so perfrect he got in decline but he is depressed cause hell never get a big mtb team wanting him cause thats what jay sinclair informed jesse of after alex's fight picking awsomeness at NWD saturday. Jay sinclair also doesnt take pictures of the WTA if u didnt no that well u better now.

I have an interveiw at mile stones so i can be alex and jesse's cow worker and we can eat life tongather. Jesse will be in POCO this evening filming whips and throwin fits with bouch out there some where. Me and the BOONCH are gonna go brew wine at his granpas on the island later this mounth on a date cureently un announced.

Taylor will be in poco this weekend witch is no suprise. what is that 3 outa 4 weeks? i am just all about buging that fellow but he has some ladie bussiniesssss to settal so bitches watch ur selves.

apperntly evan can cork flip thats pretty neat.

theres a sweet interveiw on gnarwhale with riley from vancouver we are tight nit BUDDYS.
http://www.gnarwhale.com OVER AND OUT chop city out and about check that shit out im black and my grandmas frist sons name was zack that shits about as far from wack . well that was fucking cool BYE BYE ALL 104 myspace friends shit ! im gonna catch justin timberlink

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006


so me and alex whent to the foam pit nwd party taylor is a bitch. Alex created a fight between him and a 46 year old about 15 mintues threw the film i saved himm so did ryder harookz ross and gully the video was odd they sold beer in the foam npit im pretty sure the pit is now fucked where will i huck now. jeesse is in the slope style today that shpould b silly i loe y allthis comps about
to blow3 some yaaaaa

Saturday, October 07, 2006

dylan goes awol

today dylan woke up at 645, bussed to work, went into the builidng for 2 minutes an dleft. no one except me realised he was gone untuil 3pm. movie premier city tonight big bag of weed 40s and moustache kit from work

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

BLOGTHIS apperntly night dancing and fire water

Riley has just infromed me he fucks guys and i like that alot. Last night was me and taylors friday night not my and taylors me and taylors so we decided to pick up some 2l of GROWERS and get ill seeing as there $6 each i tryed for 2 taylro rocked one. Alex decided to get 2 40s to get ill zoe and her friend formerly knowen as the rhino came over. WE WHENT TO A DANCE CLUB and clubed it up but onthe way there angry spiked walked off and did not join alex lerned how to dance with chicks and killed the floor alione we got into a dance off with some dude me and alex won. Some football lookin dudes from san degio loved us. It was quite fun QUITE. changed the set up bye clicking change TEMPLATE cause im pretty skilled. I like to fuck girls not guys but i support riley. He has a pretty kick ass myspace "About me:i am 8'4" i wieght 75lb. im 18 i live in port coquitlam and i am very sexual " http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=86684590&MyToken=f8957ca8-232b-4c2d-a951-5d3d7ed6cf2d

i figure he must be fighting off chicks with the pictures he has on there because i am hard as fuck. that is all. ANDY and brian park are gonna be here today apperntly we will see if they call or not ill probaly be on a fuckinhg nature hike or some shit. If i ever saw tinfoil in the woods i waould spaz out and i am ONE spaztastic DUDE. next time some one comes bring me some white jeans so i can tie die them. LOVE DYLAN HARLEY SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOOOEEEE thats how asians say my shit name

Monday, October 02, 2006

does taylor always look to mad

When taylor is at work i opfften think he is ready to slit his wrists and pour blood over all of his coworkers but then i talk to him because like often he is beside me just like when we are sleeping. When it alk to himn at work he is haoppy and cracks jokes but i think alot of other workers may be afraid of him but i havent done a servay on the coworkers yet maby tomororw i will. Anyways saturday night brian park dave emmens andrew and riley came here they could be called TUFF GUYS pun pun pun intennded. But dave emmens stold the whiski jack sign and that was troubl;e riley was the cbc sign. Chris dustin and bouch were still here and who nos what happend i bet it wa fun but i was to busey passing out cause i can only drink small amounts now