Saturday, January 27, 2007

tomato sauce

it was aus day the other day they love there flag more than canadians feel the need to drink molsen canadian when watching hockey night in canada NOT MUCH TO SAY EXCEPT the winter x finals seem diffrent this year! slope 1 Andreas Wiig / 89.66 / 42.00 / 89.662 Jussi Oksanen / 84.66 / 41.33 / 84.663 Shaun White / 83.33 / 75.00 / 83.33

anyways i work in an irish pub and i cant understand irish people good day here is a photo of an aus human yeah shes ugly

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

bang it out in the out house with no lights

what up son im watchin oprah and making mash thats whats up changed the blog a round a mini amount nit that anyone even looks at it anymore but whatever fuck u! i got stung bye a jelly fish the other day and it fucking killed thats what the phooto is . good day good wendsay

Friday, January 12, 2007


pOSTS COOL! I just worte this whole post out and fucked up and delted it some how anyways, heres a photo i just saw on nsmb of me riley bryan and sean dino, thought id post it up i dono if ill be home for this years crank works but it could happen, snoop dog and ice cube must suck if there playing in kewlona, cut copy plays ttonight but i wont be goin. Jesse put up a cool photo of alex t

he snow sliding real brick house HES A BRICK HOUSEEEEEE anyways go look st it im not partin on snow . Anyways that is all for now im on a island

Thursday, January 11, 2007

MR niggger

I applyed for a job at the HARD ROCK CAFE today that should go well i HOPE, well just have to see, OBIE TRICE IS RAPIN AT A NIGHT CLUB ON THE 30 the night club has beds in it witch is odd i plan to go there and get some teeth. TAra reid is in town and is staying iin a hotel within eye s

ite from me IF i had binoculars i would stalk her but i dont one day ill find her maby tonight since its friday and i figure bye around 4 pm she should be good and hammerd and stumblin around her hotel lobby ill get back to u on this.

Happy late birthday to charles he is 21 and i think evans birthdays this week or next week to my knowledge so word to him to and turning 21, I hear bouch has a girlfriend and ive herd that riley is seeing a mexican women and discussing his future with her pregnet self, i am still complileing the myspace list to add in here for everyone to giggle with i have compiled a few jocks to add thats funny.

I like bourbon and cola more then vodka and orange juice, Good day for all wish me luck on my tara reid event!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

hookers and blow

the snow is getting SILLY. emerald chair was shut down today due to 100km winds, the base is something like 314cm, sat sun was 47cm of fresh, got stuck in chest deep powder, SILLY! ive been jhust told the mountain shut down, whistler mountain shut down folks, SILLY, its 1230pm

chris was up here, we beep bopped hip hopped if you dig the terminology. got pretty drunk, dotn remeber making that post.

took me 30 minutes to clean our kitchen, everyone works, snow is snow. im gonna get drunk


fuck the police fuckem

apperntly chris letterno got coped out on new years witch sounds ill matic boonch has some sorta new life partner fro the secrets ive herd riley is with chuck in mexico on some sorta 8-20 day bender me and riley are gonna compile a hilarous myspace bitches we hate list and post it here for u to peep me and xzoe rocked some water park and stufffffff and will be goin to brisbine tommer to do shit then back here i enjoy beer alot more then the soals of my feet sweeting evan and kubar have been druged after a club event with harrookz jesse roberts mills and b mckay word sons watchin some ussr shit kinda drunk on the beverage but this photos of some water park super rider we whent on it was fun but lame. WORD

Friday, January 05, 2007

if you rock thenb you will rol

thye ondt call me snowy joe ofr nothign alrihgtj

me snd chris rocking life until dusitn gets off at 10 pm to hit le furanture warehouise akak the place to be, whe might be DIOWN qoute unqoute at mo joes dance dance revolition

jresse si aidick and doenst lie me hugging him/ punncigin hi wheo knew

alex is mia hanign iutng out iwth mileaoynres friends WOOOWOOOOO

i think dARREN is d home now but i dont really know chris muighg ohongew ,e but hes usually mia~

wor dto the wise, if you dont have a joi9jt its owuldn ben a,poot cooler if you didi


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

mr clean is a nazi

after viewing many pie charts and bar graphs vertically and horizontally i have come to the ocnclusion that our house is full of the plague. sean dieno sure digs vomiting all night in our sink, YA! big clean sesh left was had even though jesse sleep off the black plague horseman of death. i work all day at ridiculas hours and wonder around picking out sweaters to buy.

dustin snaggletoothed 4 tickets to trevor andrews tomorrow at buffalo bills, where we will surely cut a rug

alex pilfers hotsauce bread and toilet paper from work and works til 3am because hes captain cook 2007.

we all miss dylan and realise that hes in austrailia whooping it up in un, while its snowy joe in whistler with ice and coldness. fireball has to be the worst drink psossible, rivaling the horridness of spice rum, which still doesnt make sence to me

if i ahd something usefull to say id be a dot com millionaire, but instead i eat pasta

ps im pretty sure jesse is dead, if you want something of his, feell free to ask for it

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

candy land

it is niw 2007 i RUNG it in with a fire works show and sme sorta beach rave was going on i started drinking around 9 at work and got off aroun 11 and "NAILED"" some and i dont remeber much, i slaped alot if high fives and apperntly sleep walked to the fridge and pissed in it then tryed to piss in the kitchen sink this made zoe wake up and tell awsome, anyways not much dropin here in my world just alot of work got a new DIGITAL camra that goes under water thats all for now HOLALALALLA