Friday, June 30, 2006

this may be it

this is jesse and will probably be the last update from me while in poco, then bouch or bryan will have to make sure to keep the poco scene updated!

wednesday started off with a bang and me sean and paco went jumping off some cliffs and got gnarly! we then rode bikes.
later that night me sean and tyler GORZ decided to get on our 007 mode!
so we put on our black clothing, randy gorz's electrical suits ski masks and goggles and made our way to MIKE POON'S HOUSE, where it just so happens his paerents have left him alone!
we scoped the area before he came home and returned at a later time when he was home. tyler groz found a tree that could be climbed so me and sean went up and got onto the roof. poon saw us and called 911 and we could hear him telling them that there were people trying to break into his house. so i jumped up to the window and i think he shit himself. then i took off my mask and ran! sean ran off of his roof to like a 56 foot drop to flat.

today was pretty much the same events, cliff jumping(sean ran of some cliffs and did a grab in the air! WHOA) to riding bikes. bouch riley charels evan and sidoni came out to lafarge with a bbq and some supplies.

alex and dylan are in whsitler with out me
everyone will be in whistler before me even though i am the one living there
evan does more flips
i approached the lip at ample speed like john cowan
tyler gorz aquiered 14 new sponsers
chris has convinced someone that he is alex so he can get into a GRAD PARTY!
bryan is still my favourite of the group!
rumours have it bouch is leaving civic NATION

an old pic of evan

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Whistler galore

So alex moved to whistler today i move tomrorw morning with the other dylan dylan korba, jesse moves saturday. Then itll be bangin. SO if ur in TOWN come to 2400 cavendish way unit #42 and chuuch it up or just yell chop city kids round 2. if u google jesse smith imagines u get this one like the 5th one down apperntly this fellows in prison and u can send him letters and shit heres a link i thought that was pretty cool.

Riley bought robs old tercel today and there was a wasps nest in my door when i opened it at the beach to swim with riley and bryan that was cool. Lots of peoople are comin to whistler canada day to hold it down go to the drunk tank and stuff. Red bull dirt jump comp finals are sat to that should be rad. Anwyas i will probaly onlyu get to post a BLOG UPDATE 2 -3 times a week via internet cafe called the HUB. But ill give bouch or brian the lower main land DUTIES. thats all for now holla. well the picture wont load ill try in a bit

holla holla

ladies (and gentleman!) this is a once in a lifetime opprotunity to date the one and only TYLER GORZ. he is an avid mountain biker and he rides BMX TOO! thats unheard of! he has large mucels and could probably bench press your norco a-line tank edition! that picture above is his elbow. you could probably make it into a vagina if you liked at that alone should make anywould want to date this kid!

for the low low price of a grassroots sponsership, this fine young man can be yourss!
here is a link to his my space!

Monday, June 26, 2006


It is just way to hot good god. Road at the skate park for 45 mintues pretty sure i lost 10 pounds saw jesse at the jumps. Move to whistler on wendsay should be even hotter but thats alright we will get eaten bye bears anyways. hopefully some sorta beach swim tonight. I like bitches in denim shorts. If ur a bitch in denim shorts holler. Also if u were suntaning up the hill from the skate park today and u look very dark holler also i no u were stairing more than i was. What is it that you wanna be when u grow up a speed dealer? theres an old picture that was suposta get in BIKE of bouch that harookz took but it sure didnt gfet in BIKE so sucker

Sunday, June 25, 2006


WEll that was a good weekend the day times were better then the nights however seeing as the flavour of the year again is BONFIRES but whatever that was the last weekend in poco so wahatever. Kyle wilcox was here but now he has LEFT TOWN. Yesterday saturday we road some bikes in langly i proceeded to no longer nead to wear shirts while riding my bike and drinking beer. WE did a 40 walk around white pine was sick, then some gay bonfriew whatever bryan gave us SHOTS OF VODKA AGAIN. We were lucky bryan came out cause hes dope. Today kyle left we whent downtown and SWAM in the ocean was coolFIL BROUGHT HIS NEW GIRLFRIEND. Shes pretty nice bryan is gonna get her msn and ill post it here for u all. We saw alex at his work buffing up THE POOL QUES. its been determined SHIRTS SUCK. Im watching some gay drama on ctv called WHISTLER man its hilarous. heres a fat kid and some grls hilarous

wow this shows hilarous. A guy on it has my goggles that dustin supplyed me with. people ive seen this weekend , bouch,kyle,jesse,alex,kyle,riley,chuck,ferg,fil,filsgirl,bryan and lots MORE how cool am i. when the condom breaks dont run walk away!
that is all for now over and out oh yah we filmed a tottal of one short that will get in video this weekend OF ME TO!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


KYLE WILCOX IS IN THE HOUSE. YA so last night we hung out with KIM SMITH and daninel they loved it anyways yah today were gonna all go rides bikes and film and then water slide and drink beer! SWEEt chris stathis supplyed this sweet photo. SEAN DINO skiped out on his groundeing. I CRUSH ON U KIM! jesse is gonna get ANGRY ahhahahaha. BINKI SHOTS

Thursday, June 22, 2006

EPIC day

So today the new age chop city kids me alex and jesse whent on an EPIC cycleing world wide gnar tour of the vancouver/north van area. WE rocked hastings,parkgate,hoodlums,seylenn,oak and richmond. Was pretty RADICAL took about 9 hours of pure jib engery met some other gnarsters and MTBERS GALORE tim gadd style was RAD

LAst night we hit kerokee and sang tubthumpin chumbawamba me charles bryan riley bouch and alex kille dit u may say alex likes seasoned fris i think bryan had a beef dip, some poeople RAN OUT on ther ebills across a very dangrous high way that was funny, then i came home and drama insused. WEll i think wilcox comes tormrow but i havent talked to him today so who nos hopefully i want my 12 lucky lager in bottles! I am currently doing an online servey called: What Erotic Fantasy Is Matched to Your Personality?

jesse smith got a txt msg from his mum shes pretty high tech i get and it said be nice to dad kim got him in a bad mode! oh those clever cats. steeling girlfriens is like the new salt and vinger chips! anyways see u LATER SO GAY IS AWSOME the music video to the sodoni anthem!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

a treat from FLIP aka FIL

Fil postin yo dogs toyko driftin peepe it ! who could that be

COMMENCMENT for the kids

Today is the kids commencment. How cool. Road bikes alone and worked at work thats about it for TODAY well in 2 hours its 1 week away from moving day witch is cool and i posted the last 2 photos are like 6 years apart and i still do the same TRICK just as crappy wow! riley sells stuff. KEROOKE WENDSAY I THINK we need a big group to rock chumbawamba tub thumpin to thatll own. Kyle wilcox comes friday i think. Apperntly i am from the hansons. ANYTHER PHOTO OF ME thats all my computer has people need to sned me photos for this looking at me is geting old the bitches are already all moist from me.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

bangin it

Well yesterday we whent to the cat once we were drunk smoked alot of cigarets oddly. FIL was even there! with us i GRINDED a girl in a FULL BODY BRACE. Bascialy me bouch kuba fil and charles charged it up on teh dance floor. Its saturday and chris L is in town gonna drink some wine and dance up a storm atfe ri go to fish and chips for dinner should be rad.

bouch and alex are riding bikes with vancouver ites and that is all for now

Friday, June 16, 2006

friday nigth keegans gonna dance

BLOGIN MID DAY! no work today um just yeah well here is a old video from like may 1rst witch would be i think the frist or second day i started bikeing again it is jib gnar quite the humorus one sean dino put it togather and got rad. Riley is gonna buy the TERCEL and paint it like a bull max can witch is fucking sick and has inspired me to drink bull max tonight. Keegan sayes he wants to get REAL drunk cause he hasnt got REAL drunk in a while that should be hillarous.

I am not even wearing a shirt. Heres a sweet phtot of me from 2000 i invented the table top peep my gloves helmet and shoes and shorts fuck yeah take that hipsters that is all. its friday. FLASH FROM THE PAST! blast! station 2 ! wooo TWEEKIN IT

Thursday, June 15, 2006

thursday one of 2 days that starts with a T outa 7 days

yesterday afternoon was good road bikes with alex and sean was there then bouch came and yeah that was cool got a good shot on the video camra of alex that we will posibly use in the movie we will just have to see.
Then we whent and road around town to some SPOTS as theyd call them in a new york skate secne magazine. Whent to shaddy banks and got pretty BURELY over there alex ate shit and blamed it on me when he smashed his head on the ground and said thats why i wear a helmet. taylor came and got all highschool on us asking for us to buy him beeeeeer. So we did that and yeah.

Then me and bouch whent and filmed the CONCEPT witch whent super RADICALY and turned out PRETTY GNARLY BURLEY EPICITCY I even made a new friend there indian joe we will call him pretty sure he and his girlfirend were actualy on crack or maby meth who nos. After that we proceeded to get loose on the brass monkey evan kuba andf fe3rg whent down TOWN! and got rad.

The higlight of the evening was we whent to kereoke at the WILD DUCK INN me charles and bouch and me and bouch sang who let the dogs out, IT FUCKING KICKED ASS cause everyone in there took keroke so seriously like it was canadian idole or some shit. Charles filmed it, its pretty rad. Tomrorw is friday so yeah heres the teaser for the borat movie!

funny tib bit from my and kubas msn convo currently

Weightless again says:
did evan tell you we ate mushrooms a hobo traded me for jewelry and evan for money
Weightless again says:
and they did nothing but evan kept saying how he was fucked
Weightless again says:
and then he said he had a moshrooms headahce this morning

what the

now im all for helmets but what is this kid wearing a star wars cap?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Saturday night fever vs wed night scrabble fest

YEAH! scrabble fest would be pretty fun but i cant find one anywhere in the lowermainland tonight at my caliber of scrabbbLIN! Today i worked at a cat food factory man it was gross, fil use to work there i work there till i move oon the 28th because im SICK like that. YOU should see me up in there in my white cant see threw cotten hair net and my blue jail yard jump suit with my green sewer rat stabin gloves on. I look in place where i should be, prison but not in prison cause im not a prisner.

Alex stathis is currently at whooper wendsay and then i am meeting him and bouch at lafarage to do some jump bike, then do some film of a CONCEPT oh man that made it seem cool yeah FILM A CONCEPT for the video and consume some 40 in brass monkey format and maby another beer or 2 also. Should be alright

Taylor is in a hair cut delemia but doenst wanna be evan holmgren so hes not gonna cut it right now sit it out a bit longer and he is going to a TAIL GATER at terry fox on aw wensday night, cause thats how hardcore they get in grade 12 now! riley will be there to i bet he is not in grade 12 but he nos how to pick up chicks with his TRUCK with a tail gate.

LAst night manovers were geting stomped i saw like 19 people on bikes when i thought id only see like 3 but i saw way more mainly jesse matt evan dylan the other dylan not this one but i did see my self alex some bmxers bouch and a bunch TAYLOR ext was cool. I had a slurpee and a power aid.

Heres a photo bouch sent me of him thats on the wall at his work hes in a dope blue JUMPER with reflectibles on it to! fuckin better than mine. Here it is

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No fools here its not fucking APRIL pussy

I just found this sweet add of evan on his my space he said his new add is even funnier than this one i thought id share it sayes sumthing about him being evil or hardcore i dont exackly rember. Not to sure who there target market is i didnt no nate weasle was transfering to mtb? so i dont get the market. Anyways eather way the 3 table is nice and its in whistler and there are some sweet horns drewen on him and mustash witch is actualy kinda funny not even sure what atom lab is on second thought i do no.

It is very fucking humid. I am editing a video for fun its pretty much as good as my editing gets aka real crappy. Poped my gay tire yesterday. CHamillionair is bryans new buddy or sumthing. the picture msn isnt working out for me today,. No work i am angry at life and to lazy to go buy a tube.

Bryan stands in the same spot throwing lumber all day him and taylor soon work togather bryan said taylor wont bve able to handle it or live up to his dads name! or up to bryan, apperntly the gay golf turny was a 3 man event and was straight as FUCK. thats all for now. WHERE ARE ALL THE FUCKING BABES

Monday, June 12, 2006

Evan holmgren VS mtv

It is monday and has evan beat mtv or has mtv beat him? he is trying oout to be an mtv vj today. CAN HE MAKE IT!!!!!

Taylor and kuba are trying out for a gay marrage golf team support unit.

I am trying to lern things on my bike that are physicaly GNARLY.

Riley gallagher apperntly fucked the fountain up but it was fine when i saw it so who nos if they did.

Bouch is trying to become the worldest best car counter its like a step up from being a poker CARD counter.

JEsse smith is going to lern how to slam dunk from running and useing bryans back as a steping stone.

alex and chris are becomeing bar tenders

willdelany has already made it in the cfl

chris letrno is a mountain board instructor

charles is a rice tecnition

AND the rest of u like kuuba are
all rock climbers

Sunday, June 11, 2006


a dennys trip was made where we were kicked out BECAUSE WE BROKE ALL THE KNIVES!!????? they wouldnt serve us so sean got angry and kicked stuff over. RAMBO got real mad and came out asking us if we thought were were tough. A POPULAR REPLY FROM ALEX WAS. "YEAH BUDDY WE ARE BIGTIME" Aand flexxed his muscels and fingered him. this guy had nothing on us!



Saturday, June 10, 2006


taylor says:

walking through the trail to my car i see a group of people fallen in a bush, so im like what the fuck, one comes out and its the black chick quincie, and she flips me off

taylor says:

so i spit on her in the face

taylor says:

then she trys to kiss me, so im like for fucks sake

taylor says:

so i hock a gaint loogey on her face and leave

Friday, June 09, 2006

Bouchmania made jib comp movie that is all

Bouch edited jib comp move and gnarwhale ites hosted it thanks to them peep it OUT
here :

on another note its friday and that means brass monkey time i need to find keegans cell # ill work on it . thats all for NOW over

Thursday, June 08, 2006

rain rian rain

well it raine alot today yeah i got soaked what a gay day but now i have a double big gulp and thats rad. THE PHOTO OF THE DAY is of keegan because he no longer works saturdays witch means he can come out not only saturdyanights but FRIDAY NIGHTS TO YAYYAYAY KEEGAN NUTTAL. He is not a virgin anymore like 4 mounths non virgin way to be only thge last guy to loose his virginity but the smartest guy! anyways holla holla


anyways slurp doggy OUT


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

gnar life

road bikes with alex this evening for a good 20 mintues then i feell and smashed my self and hurt my armmmm but tryed to still get gnar but could not grip my bars because im a pussy so i came home and cryed.

theres is a sweet show on nbc about internet sex preditors i think you are all one you fucking PERVERTED CREEPS. bouch is edidting pig comp stuff apperntly i am watching creeper tv chris stathis swam smoked pot and ate sub way who nos what everyone else is doing bryan probaly had rugby and the rest of u are obsessed with CAN YOU DANCE. Go smile else where. knann - smile. anyways heres a photo from clown night quite a while ago that bouch sent to me pretty rad.sleemans clear. BEY BEY BEY BYE 2 updates i am so clever, will leaves sweet long responces most of witch house shots to bryan witch is always fun. Bryans middle names lee. mines harley
i put photos at the bottem so u have to read what i say.

brass monkey

just a photo for now. Worked ate pizza once i got home now going to soon go ride bikes with kid in photo looking like a monster maby you will all come and cycle. On another note if u have a vagina and comehere leave ur # for kid in said photo. That is all for now were on route too 2 updates aday now WOW so cool now HOCKEY SUCKS! not as much as lacross

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


road some bikes on the devils day today with paco bouch alex and MATT BREADEN was even out there in full froce! WOWOWOWOWOW OH BOY> Took a couple video film footage radness of paco jumping the big hip got 2 or 3 rad shots some dope cliked in inverts as seen here a shirtless man clicking one he was killin the hip banger out a nice turn down also pretty dope. Today was a hot day obiously because its 666 and yeah people love that> i actyualy posted a clicked turn down from bouches cell insted of my top secret video still of an invert! Anwyays u get the idea some what theres no shirt and mega air.

Anyways appetrntly wills sister ruined his car sounds pretty funny. it was a rad day today i enjoyed it work sucked but whatever. Friday is closer so that means the brass monkeys are soon to come heres a video i just made yesterday and put on google to share my self looking like a mess on my birthday if u were not there so whatever i like you to. Hi to all bye to all 3 updates today dono who rocked the evan holmgren one im figuring jesse to good for the skate park but good enough for a movie date smith eather way it was funny. ROLL THE DICE BECAUSE ITS GODS DAY AGAIN TOMORROW I LOVE HIM>. Heres the video anyays check out bryan i have a girlfriend againthat isnt rugby mycaten out

BLING BLING over and out

666 is so hardcore!!!

kuba likes to rock! rock 666 slayerrr PHOTO CREDIT TO ANDREW BIG TRENT BOUCHER



Monday, June 05, 2006

to much lean in my cup

Just taking old footage thats not gonna be used for anything in video off the camra yup i made a funny video well i find it funny from my birthday ill put it up later for now heres a photo of me and someones grandparents not mine. Road some bikes today actyualy started DIRT jumping again alone then road the park. gonna ride tonight with bouch and others maby film a bit who nos ill UPDATE last since u all like to get loose and its monday and no one gets loose on mondays holla. a little update i guess on peoples lifes. I am not at work today i got off early my job consists of stapeling card board but only 2 weeks till me jesse alex move to whistler so whatever, andrew boucher sweaps floors all daay for his job alex is at some work exsperance, bryan throws wood into a garbage bin all day, evans still at got junk, jesse works some times for pizza palace, chris laturno is on the island teaching kids to mountain board and mountain bike at some camp for the summer, kuba works at mile stones and steels dishes, chris stathis works at some wood place, dustin is at stiffies obiously, big aaron works in a wear house. jesse is gonna try and sell his norco that is a bike today for some cash anyways thats all so if u dont wanna feel hate dont date rape!

photos from febuary 14th 2006 my birthdate it was umm ya more of a video still.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

tryin to chatch bryan ridin dirty

Sunday after noon shit bryans car has tinted windows! aperntly at debbie downers some guy stabed a girl then tryed to run chirs stathis and dustin over in his jeep then continued to roll his jeep and the cops came caught him! how fucking hilarous is that. THATS WHY KUBA WANTS DEBBIE! wants to SLEEEEEEEEP with her!

LAst night we got loose whent to alex and crhis's with are posys of kyle bouch i bryan and kuba KEEGAN met up with those fucks didnt make it to the party befor ethe PO PO POLICE came whent to EVERGREEN saw barnyard there tryin to pimp! ryan wa sthere smoked some dope and thats pretty much it i walked home i havent got reports on what everyone else did but bryan was ridin dirty ill tell u that much. Racial profiling!

Some fuck bad mouthed alex and i felt the need to get tough the guy could easly have kicked my ass bye i had keegan there so the guy just shut the front door before keegan even could.

HERE IS A SUPER RAD VIDEO that jesse supplyed me from the kiddies grad! big alex the boss dogg.

evan was on some sorta date with a girl named jessica i sure hope its the girl from caps becuas ethats swete but i dont no yet ill get back to u.

DAFT FUNK. well im really listing to chromeo your so gangster. WHATS UP KIDS. photos us hanging out at robs hang out word up robbo. Riley and charles are in KILLA CALI

Saturday, June 03, 2006

deeeeeeebie downer

ice fucking creem sandwich fucker. las nigth was friday im still feeling fridya right now its 1130 ate an ice creem sandwich cooking some wings and fris. We whent to deebie downers birthday party i think i was there for a tottal of 15 mitnues. That was wild some how i ended up at my sisters some how witch made no sence then i ended up in my bed oh i was on my computer for a while i rember that. ANyways whatever its a girl i nos birthday but she doesnt read this so fuck her other wise happy birthday . i think thats evans girlfirend OH YAH HERES A VIDEO OF ALEX ON HIS WAY TO GRAD HE LOOKS A LITTLE TO LOOSE HE SAID GRAD WAS GAY BUT HE LOOKS PRETTY INTO IT fuck it ill up;lload it later

more smoke then a muffler

Thursday, June 01, 2006

alex and his girlfirends at grad wheres wendy

ALEX AND HIS BABES on grade night photo from jesse i dont even no what else to say here WOW there are some pure buetys froom grad of alex ill keep them coming and other buetys of other people i now have obtaine don my computer ill post a new one a day with some fancy info witch i have non of currently while it is raining fuck me. GOod night i hate naps CRANKY CRANK KIDS