Friday, July 26, 2013

bitch it aint that creepy! found this in my email havin a laugh

01/02:No don't worry its not that creepy. But its also not a good idea. I shoulda let you finger me though ugh i love it so much, but i was already so wet.
02/02:Thank god you didn't mind.

me: Its good cause ur really tight and its the perfect combo. When I woke up I was so hard about it 
Thanks for saying Im tight, i worry sometimes that Im not. Tight and wet are the best combos. Did your stuff smell like me again lol
ME: Yeah it smelt like your good purfem smell lars's stuff and like your vagina so basicaly it was a knock out combo of awsome smell The whole time we were cuddling I was so hard but I didn't think u wanted to do nething
I always think my boobs look kinda well meh. Like they're not really big anymore or real nice.
I knew you were hard i can always feel it. Cause fyi your penis is pretty perfect
01/02:I just like have always been comfortable being naked like i don't try and cover myself and when you walked around last night naked i thought i was cute. I 02/02: just like naked. Lol 
I've never had mid sleep sex. And thank you i feel good naked lol im not one of those girls that worries about being skinny. I don't like skinny i like curvy
Lol i dent even notice im doing it. I love having my legs up its my fuckin fav 
We can't this was a mistake. Delete my number. 
_____ just messaged me and i freaked and then felt guilty. I stand by what i said tonight this is the last time we talk 

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