Monday, March 05, 2012

Mr DJ usa COOPER Saver

Mr underage hollywood fellow from whis to the WOOD!

1. Where r u located ?
located in los angeles

2. Do u ever date rape chicks when ur dj cluein it up?
no date rape required, these bitches come pre hammed.3.

Name somefamous fools uve seen in person
i honestly saw more famous fools in whistler than here

4. Why aint u in whistler no more rapeing?
aint in whistler cause im "figuring my life out" although I'll probably be back there again as a greasy shred bum in another year or so

5.How do u dj in night clubs arnt u under 21?
my fake ID is 21 so I don't see a problem here

6.What's the cool drug these days in the usa?must be meth!
the only cool drug is freedom brotha

7.How many miles away is ur house from the ocean
about 6.5 miles according to google, which is like an hour cause of all this bullshit traffic.8. Where the babes at

9. Do u keep the rubber side down?
only time my rubber side's down is when i'm not catching some sweet airtime

10. U must have a website or sumthin?
yeah dawgs

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Jessy (with a 'y') Smith said...

id ride his turntable