Sunday, April 17, 2011

hype whistlers fuckd hughie buncha cunts chris pumpedk and spit a limp dick with o brien with a heavy bottom chick that keenean twiddled her cunt after getting outa the druk tank. keenan gtot a drinking in public ticket 2 nights in a row hype. sean pumped and helicopted in the bathroom. mad bibke cocadones. brockles pumped. dude hucked a double bflip. whsitler doesnt like sneaking onto lifts took uor boards, dylan sheidow came up but pussideed out like usual and slept at his hotel room with his fiance who wanted to come out too bad he wouldnt let her. dfed defs pumped ruby one more time. diggins is fly9in mad planes. cliton cameron is ooking more and more like you watnt him to. but hes still hype and hiss homie was kkeennansn homie in the tank.

fuck ya me an d fil and riley are gettin straight railllied in neldor next weekend

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TJ Koskela said...

how greased?